KPIs of Swisscom Group

In CHF million, except where indicated 20122011Change
Economic performance  
Net revenue and results  
Net revenue 11,38411,467–0,7%
Operating income before depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) 4,3814,584–4.4%
EBITDA as % of net revenue%38.540.0 
Operating income (EBIT) before impairment losses on goodwill 2,4312,681–9.3%
Operating income (EBIT) 2,4311,126115.9%
Net income 1 762694153.9%
Earnings per shareCHF33.8813.19157.0%
Balance sheet and cash flows  
Equity at end of year 4,1564,296–3.3%
Equity ratio at end of year%20.722.1 
Operating free cash flow 1,8822,068–9.0%
Capital expenditure in property, plant and equipment and other intangible assets 2,5292,09520.7%
Net debt at end of period 8,0718,309–2.9%
Operational data at end of period  
Fixed access lines in Switzerlandin thousand3,0133,120–3.4%
Broadband access lines retail in Switzerlandin thousand1,7271,6614.0%
Swisscom TV access lines in Switzerlandin thousand79160830.1%
Mobile access lines in Switzerlandin thousand6,2176,0492.8%
Unbundled fixed access lines in Switzerlandin thousand300306–2.0%
Broadband access lines wholesale in Switzerlandin thousand1861812.8%
Broadband access lines in Italyin thousand1,7671,59510.8%
Swisscom share  
Closing price at end of periodCHF393.80355.9010.7%
Market capitalisation at end of year 20,40018,43610.7%
Dividend per shareCHF22.00122.00
Ecological performance
Environmental key figures in Switzerland  
Energy consumptionGWh5325074.9%
Carbon dioxide CO2tons24,66223,2426.1%
Average carbon dioxide CO2 emission vehicle fleetgram per km131.0140.0–6.4%
Rate of return handy recycling%11.48.9 
Social performance
Full-time equivalent employees at end of yearnumber19,51420,061–2.7%
Full-time equivalent employees in Switzerland at end of yearnumber16,26916,628–2.2%
Fluctuation rate headcount in Switzerland%10.111.9 
Days lost headcount in Switzerlandnumber117,876116,2101.4%
1 In accordance with the proposal of the Board of Directors to the Annual General Meeting.